RSM Gradaute 2019


Any one applied for RSM for 2019 in take?


I have. I’ve already completed the online assessments and received my feedback 2 weeks ago, but I still haven’t heard back if I was successful in getting through to the next stage. Has anyone else heard back yet?


same its been like 2 weeks for me as well but haven’t got anything back


Hey Faisal (saw you on the EY 2019 forum too). I did the situational judgement around 9 days ago and didnt hear back. So i emailed recruitment and they said I’ve passed and will recieve a link in a few days for the video assessment.

RSM has changed their recruitment process this year too


Yh I called as well, how has it changed?


Anyone heard back yet?


I did the same last week and got the same response, however still waiting for the email with the invitation.


Hey, I have to do the video interview, could you guys let me know what questions came up, if you have done it?


anyone know how to answer this question?

What challenges you think you may face when working in a varied environment?


Challenges: multiple projects, different personalities, learning to cope

Talk about how you’re dynamic and that you’re able to adapt in fast paced environments etc

Hope this helps


Got an email that I’ve passed online tests. Has anyone done the video interview? If so, do you remember what questions were asked?


Hey Adam when did you receive your pass email after you’ve done the online test?


Anyone heard back from the video interview?


I emailed recruitment a week later and they said I’ve passed the online tests and should recieve a link soon. And no I haven’t heard back from the video interview - don’t think I did very well…


I emailed and they told me I should get told the outcome by end of this week. Yh it was mix of competency and strengths based but I found it alright to be honest but nothing like what is posted on forums


Got an email saying I passed the video interview just recently.


Ah nice man. How long did it take for them to let you know?


Did it last Friday


what interview questions did they ask you?


anyone got an AC scheduled/had an ac for rsm yet?