Rsm bentley jennison


ive got an assessment centre on tuesday im struggling when i received the call they were quite brief have no idea what to expect!!!
Any help???


For which office is this?


And what division?


for leeds office and its in audit


Oki sry mate cannot help still waiting for reply from their side so…


Hi Monicadhiman - I’m also waiting for a reply from them after registering my details. Do they not e-mail you to say that you are invited to the assessment day?



I’m still waiting for a reply too! what locations did you guys register for?


i know i think its one of the first calls they made they do get back to you as far as i know i applied in like october or something so it just takes time!!!


Yeha they gonna start recruiting like mid march they said


hey guys - just want to say thanks for the reassuring comments.
will continue to wait patiently


How did the assesment centre go? and what did you do?


I sent them an email asking what was happening with recruitment as they sent me an email last year but nothing later - no reply yet


Hi guys,

I applied to the audit and compliance stream at Manchester for 2009 back in November / December and after hearing no reply I called them up in January and was told that they were short-listing for Manchester in March.

I then left it a few weeks and tried calling late Feb but couldn’t get hold of the relevant people and called again in the first week of March and was then told that they had held their assessment day at Manchester the week before and was then told that I had been on a short-list and they could not get hold of me at the time so gave my place away even though I am always readily available on my current phone.

This is really annoying because I know they only required a 2:2 and I have a First and a Distinction at Master’s level so I was quite confident of being selected.


anyone heard back from RSM Bentley Jennisson re: their london grad schemes??


NOpe not yet


NOpe not yet


Anyone been to an assesment centre yet?

Hope things are going well!


Have submitted an application for London but haven’t heard anything at all, anybody know what’s happening?


I have been invited to an assessment centre on may 6th for the consultancy division in London. Has anyone been to an assessment day yet? What was it like? Typical q.s? Would be hugely appreciated!


hey ive been to an assessment centre in leeds! i didnt get the job so im upset about that but the other candidates were very very goood and so it was very tough!

we had a group exercise which was fine! also numeric test which was easy as well as a comprehension test, they wer fine not taxing at all.
we then had an individual presentation which was fine! the interview with directors was more about your self a little about commerical awareness but all in all it was a good assessment day very tiring but the other candidates were of a high calibre

if you need and help let me know