RSM bentley jennison


Anyone heard from them yet?


nope, i havent heard from them either. Apparently they start getting back to people about now.


Oh Oki hoping for at least to get telephone interview from them :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yeah I haven’t heard anything either.


Hello guys,

I applied for a trainee role in their Manchester office back in November and I called them up on Monday and the lady in the main HR department said that they were not drawing up shortlists until March. I’m not sure if this counts for every office though.


Phew, not just me then…


I was told by someone who works there that they start sifting through the applications on 26th Jan for the London office. I was going to submit my application tonight but still cant decide between internal or external audit! I think internal is more interesting but there are more options with external … help! Any suggestions?

Best of luck everyone!


Oh oki hoping for a positive result from them then :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


thanks for the update Rocketfire. I hope to hear from RSM soon!


BTW anyone applied to the corporate finance division? According to the application you are able to choose coroprate finance but by the information provided they apparently does not seem to offer any graduate places within their corporate finance division


re: london office apps, anyone been contacted by the recruitment team yet (to be advised which roles would be most suitable)?




No not yet trying to get hold of the head of recriutment in London but they are always busy and keep on comming to voice mail


Just wanted to ask if anyone has heard back from the RSM Grad Rec team yet?
I registered my interest for a TC almost 2 months ago and am still waiting for a response.


Morning All,

I applied to the RSM Graduate scheme 2 weeks ago, and got a call on Tuesday from their HR team. She told me that they have been screening applications and now contacting the candidates by phone. This is pretty much an ‘informa’ telephone interview, they’ll tell you that they just want to get to know you over the phone, but they’re assessing you from that moment. She also mentioned that she had 40 applicants to call, and then produce a final short-list for the A/C which is running next Thursday in Birmingham. I’m expecting an email/call today regarding details of the Assessment, and from what she told me, it’s quite an intensive A/C compared to others I’ve been too.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the info RV786!

Has anybody else heard back from them? I really want to work for this firm so am getting quite anxious.




No problem! I’m quite keen to work for them too, I really hope I get through. So which area did you apply to?


I applied for London so anyone hearc from London?



I applied for Manchester’s Audit & Compliance section as my first choice. How about yourself? Birmingham audit or something else?



I believe that most of their offices have now been filled apart from the odd one or two.


You believe…so where did this come from? My A/C is next Thursday in Birmingham. I just got the email through from HR.