RSM Bentley Jennison Assessment Centre

RSM Bentley Jennison

Hey guys I have an assessment centre with Bentley Jennison on Tuesday for Internal Audit in London. I only found out about it on Friday afternoon so I’m pretty nervous. I’d really really appreciate info on the individual and group presentations? And if anyone knows what the ‘internal audit exam’ will involve??? I’ve heard the individual presentation is on a topic chosen at random, but do you get info to prepare with, or a chance to use the internet??? Like i said I’d really appreciate any help and advice.


Hi Andy!

How did it go? Any advice? I have this assesment centre next week. How was your day structured? Any help would be so completely appreciated, as I too am so nervous. I hope that it went well for you. Cheers


Hey kpkpatel!

Well my assessment day turned out a bit different. I had to pull out of my original one for a family emergency. However they were really nice about it, and invited me back the week later. But I was on my own, so I didn’t have a group exercise and I didn’t have to do a presentation.
First of all they were all really nice, and help you feel at ease straight away. My day started with the tests, these consisted of a logic style test, things like you’d find in an IQ test. So what is the next number in the sequence, which shape comes next, quite tricky but definitely do-able. You don’t need a calculator, but it was handy for a couple of Q’s. Then within the same time limit you have to proof read a document and look for spelling mistakes or gramatical errors. You can’t really prepare for this, just try and stay calm. It’s not difficult, there are alot of obvious mistakes, just try and spot all the little ones as well. I think I circled too many points, some of which probably weren’t wrong.
Finally as I was applying to Internal Audit, there was a test on this. You were given a scenario like… ‘A review of company procedures has revealed that only 50% of all packages received have been properly signed for’ or something like that, basically a risk to the company. You then have to write what the risk to the company is, and what would you suggest to do about it. To be honest I really wasn’t sure about this, I mean its obvious what the risk is and that changes need to be made, but I didn’t know exact controls to bring in. So I just did my best and tried to write sensible suggestions.
I was offered the position about a week later, but decided not to take it as it was for London, and I’m looking at different locations. I’m possibly trying to see if I can be considered for an office somewhere else.


Ah forgot… the interview. This didn’t last too long, about 45 mins probably. It was quite structured and rigid. I can;t remember the exact questions I was asked, just a few normal competncy ones. Things like teamwork, leadership, difficult situation etc. And then a few on why the company, what I knew about the company as a whole, what attracted me, and also he wanted to know in detail what I would be doing in the role. For example if I was carrying out an audit on payroll what kind of things would I be looking for. So know you’re service line well and what kind of things you’ll be doing. Thats about it, if you have any more Q’s just ask or PM me! Good luck!


Thats so helpful. I will work through everything above, and be in touch in a couple of days. I really hope you get transferred elsewhere. I am pretty nervous! What do you mean by service line? Many thanks for all your help!


Hi mates. … . I was invited to assesment centre for the role of production engineer. Though I have an experience of an year I feel a bit nervous to face an interview conducted by OEM. Can anybody please mention the tricky areas where I could prepare better to face it confidently? what are the key areas I should concentrate?