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Hi there peepz!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I joined today! Ok, I hope someone is able to help! Really need it! RSM requires a 2.2 does that mean your A levels have to be excellent?? What are they looking for in candidates?? Is anyone here working for them? Would be soo grateful! thx!



Welcome :). I do not work at RSM Bentley Jennison but I have dealt with them and unfortunately at the time I was rejected at the final stage. In response to your question though, I believe that RSM do not specifically mention any UCAS requirements but do suggest a minimum of a 2:2 degree as you state but from speaking to people in their HR team they are more concerned with how well you, as an individual, fit into their teams etc and how well you work in a team at their assessment days etc.


Paul Nelson.


Hellooo!!! thankyouuu for u r responsee!! What department did you apply for? Is there anything that you wish you shouldve done that you you didnt do?. About me I had a bad year at uni, I didnt take final year studies seriously dont know why though and I got a 2:2. In terms of teamwork what do you mean? as in how you communicate and collaborate with everyone??

Thanks a bunch for ur time in replying though!!! :slight_smile:


Hey 'kool!! Did u end up applying for RSM and if so, did u get past the application stage? Im going to apply soon and need some tips as to what to include in my application? Is it just a CV and cover letter they require?? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: