RSM Application Process - Application to Offer 2017


Hi guys. Seeing as these kinds of posts have really helped me in the past, I thought it’d be good to give back! This is a step-by-step account of my experience in applying to an RMS grad scheme, so hopefully it helps you.

If you’ve been through it yourself, then please share you experiences below!

Start by filling in the usual application form with your details and history, and then you’ll begin the online tests. This comes in two parts: verbal reasoning and numerical. And while I’m not entirely sure which particular test company they’re using, most SHL-style tests will be a great way to practice regardless.

For both, you’re looking at case studies – verbal reasoning in the form of prose paragraphs, and numerical in the form of graphs and tables of data. Under quite a limiting time limit, you’ll need to analyse the written or numerical data and answer questions on it. Practice is the name of the game here, and there’s really no substitute for it. Do plenty of practice and you should be fine!

If you pass the tests and RSM like your application, the next stage is the increasingly-popular video interview. You’re given five days to complete it once invited. Make sure you use that time both to practice your answers AND to get used to the format. It’s just questions on a screen and then you record your answer, so it feels very different to a typical interview in which you’re actually talking to someone.

Make sure you know the basics of RSM, and you know your CV inside and out. RSM say that they core values are respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence and stewardship, so try to reflect these attributes in your answers. It’s also quite short, so try to be concise in your answers.

The assessment centre in Crawley – the final stage – was fairly close to where I live, but quite a few people noted that it was a bit difficult to get there, so plan your journey well in advance.

As far as assessment centres go, it was fairly typical. There was a solo case study exercise where you analyse information and come up with your recommendations and then give a short presentation on it, and there was a similar group exercise where you analyse another case study as a group and present your findings afterwards. They’re looking to make sure that you have the technical skills for the role, but also to make sure you’re good at working in a team, as that’s a lot of what the job will entail.

You’re provided lunch, and then you’re told if you’ve been selected to continue into the afternoon session, which for me was an office tour followed by a two-to-one partner interview that lasted about 45 minutes or so. This interview is similar in tone to the video one, but is obviously much more in-depth. Be prepared with plenty of examples of traits you’ve exhibited in the past – particular those relating to their core values – and be ready for some honest self-analysis.

Afterwards, I was given another case study, this time to present directly to the partner in another two-on-one. You present your findings and then answer further questions based on it, so aim to be more thorough than you were on the first one of the day.

Overall, the process was actually quite smooth and quick, which makes a nice change for these kinds of companies. Between each stage I never had to wait longer than a week, and they gave great feedback all the way through.

Anyway, I hope that helps – if you have any questions or experiences of your own to share, please comment!


Has your start date been confirmed yet? I’m still waiting for mine and I don’t know if it’s usual to be waiting so long…


Great post, very helpful. Do you remember any of the Video Interview questions?


Hi! I how was your video interview? I have one coming up soon for the personal tax assistant role. Do you remember what questions you were asked?


I had an assessment centre yesterday for an audit assistant position… how long does it take for them to get back to you with an offer or rejection?

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Hi, did you do a video interview? If so, what questions were you asked?


I can barely remember it was so long ago… only 4 questions… one was on balancing work and the ICAS qualification


Ah OK no worries. What about the assessment centre, what did you have to do?


Group exercise, first interview, presentation and then second interview. 10 people started the day and only 3 made it to the final interview/presentation. There was only one job up for grabs at mine so it’s competitive. I was a little nervous with the presentation so I think that’ll go against me… but its hard not to be nervous when you’re only given 20 mins to prepare


What kind of questions were asked in the interview? Also, what was the presentation about?


what was the audit assistant assessment centre day like? Have one coming up and would love your advice! xx