Rsm 2021

Has anyone applied for RSM 2020 graduate roles? I have completed the tests and about to do the VI.

Please can you put me through with the test and process

The tests are similar to all the others situational, maths and verbal reasoning.

@finacc What questions came up in the Video Interview?

There were 5 questions. My mind went completely blank! I only remember 2 of them:
1 - what do you like doing in your spare time?
2 - How do you respond to negative feedback.

Does anyone know when ACs start?

No, I don’t. I might email them to ask.

what i really find strange is they even didn’t u an e-mail when completed the application

Hi, did you ask?

Yes and they haven’t scheduled any yet.

What role did you apply for?

Hi guys, has anyone heard back after doing their video interview?

Aye i got through and waiting for AC invite

what role and location may i ask? I have done my video interview over a month ago and still not heard back.

Corporate finance glasgow office

I’m in the same position as you. Which role did you apply for ?

What role did you apply for?

still no word from them, rather confusing.

I guess ACs might be after january…

Got an invite today for next week