Rsm 2020


Hi, i have given the VI but haven’t heard back regarding an AC. how long do they take to reply after the VI? I emailed them today…


not too sure how long it takes but i am in the same position. I did my video interview early October and i still have not heard back yet.


Hi! How was your AC? What was it like?


Ngl, I got a reply saying I passed the VI 3 days after I took it. That was 23rd Oct…


Hopefully you’ll get an AC in Jan…


I spoke to them on the phone a couple weeks back. They’re resuming ACs in Jan. Not sure they had any in Dec. Hope you hear back soon!


Anybody heard back any news?


anybodyyyy out thereeee


No news


I have just completed my VI. How long did it take to hear a response? :slight_smile:


I did it on the 21st Oct, received email saying i’d passed on 23rd Oct. However absolutely no info about AC since then. Emailed several times with the response being ‘we’ll get back to you in due course’. Rang several times also. Feel like i’ve been sent on a wild goose chase just to get a date and it’s kinda fucking me off at this point.


Hi RamboMango,

I applied in September of this year. Received invite to VI almost immediately, completed mid-September. Found out mid-October I had been successful and was in the shortlist for AC. Haven’t had an update but I have contacted recruitment and they said that they hadn’t even begun planning the AC yet. This is for CorpFin btw. September intake.


Thanks for the reply. Rang them today and got a similar response. Hopefully we get a date soon. Good luck.


I don’t have high hopes felt like the VI didn’t go well at all as it’s my first VI. I hope you get your AC :slight_smile: Keep following up


Cheers mate. You too!


Hi, how did you VI go? may I know what kind of questions were asked so that I can prepare. I have mine coming up. Thank you!



  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    2.How do you feel about data analysis on a daily basis?
  2. Think of a time you had to initiate something, how did you do it successfully?
    4.How would you feel if you got negative feedback?
  3. What skill would you like to develop?

Goodluck :slight_smile:


Hi this is great! Thank you so much!


Hi Rambomango,

What number did you ring them on? I’ve looked on the website but can’t find a number for the recruitment team and I did fill out an enquiry form a couple of weeks ago but have not had a response from them yet. Please help! Thanks


0121 214 3100 maybe u shall try this one. I called the last week, and their responses are all the same. There’s a huge volume of applications, so it takes time to review our video recordings.