RSM 2018 Assessment centre



How long does it take RSM to get back with an assessment centre date? I’ve been waiting almost two weeks and due to go away in a couple of weeks time.


Hey what division are you applying for? I’ve bren waiting like crazy as well


How was urs please? having mine in two days and i’m wondering how the case study goes and interviews. thanks


Hi Debbie hope you don’t mind me asking is this for Jan 2019 intake? And which location?


Yes it’s for the January 2019 intake, Stoke on trent


The location for the assessment day is Birmingham if that’s what you meant


Ah I see. Let me know how it goes please? Mine isn’t till November.


No problem. Maybe just remind me to on Thursday cos I might forget.


So it went pretty well. Starts with a random case study where you will be required to write what risks you think the business is facing and suggestions to management…just common sense. Next is a group exercise…you first review another case study on your own then discuss it as a group. This is where you’ll be assessed…just get involved but don’t be too dominant either…also try not to sound undecided about your final opinion. After this is the manager and HR interview…strength based…they aren’t new questions at all, just same old questions asked in a different manner so don’t get caught out or scared by them…how u go about solving difficult tasks n sorts…what you know about rsm and perhaps why you want to work with them…next is the partner interview. Prepare and don’t be scared. Be confident too and try not to be fake as well. Also I’d advise that u don’t depend too much on what you see on any online forum…even some of those that were with me today got some questions I didn’t get and vice versa.

Hope this helps. Once again it’s not difficult so you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Yes please - that would be really helpful! Could you PM me please? I don’t know how to on this lool
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, could you pm with the pack? Thanks!


Hey, Can anyone help me out with the video interview? what questions came up?


how did your assessment centre go? mine is in a week and i’m so nervous about it :frowning:


Those who have done a RSM Assessment Day, what was the structure like for the whole day?

Can someone give an insight on the day?

What was it like?


Hi Sarah!

My name is Aiman:)

Can you please describe your experience of an AC in RSM please? Stages and particular question if you remember:) And if you got any advice please
My what’s app number is +77079501200 or email if it is convenient for you:)

Thank you