Rsm 2018 assessment centre



Hi, has anyone done an assessment centre for Rsm recently. I’m interested to know what the case study is about and what they are looking for in your response. Also what is the difference in questions between the manager and partner interviews and what kind of questions get asked. Thanks in advance.


Hi. How did your assessment centre go? Could you please share what type of questions you were asked? Thanks!


Hello, mine is in two days. Please i’d like to know how the case study part went and how different the two interviews were from eachother. Thank you.


Hi, the case study part was a group task, where you just outline the pros and cons and give recommendations, nothing too hard, and you don’t need any outside knowledge. The manager interview was with a HR representative and they asked question based upon your CV and the obvious questions, such as “Why RSM?” and “Why this service stream?”. I hope this helps!


Thanks so much. Really appreciate your help. Do you remember anything about the partner one.


I didn’t get through to the partner interview. The structure of the day is, first the group task, second is the manager interview and then lunch. During lunch, the managers discuss who they want to progress to the partner interview, which happens after lunch.