RSM 2017 Intake



I received an offer for their audit graduate scheme - if anyone wants to know any specific questions about the application process, feel free to ask me. I’d be happy if I can help anyone out!


Hi, What is the starting salary for the audit graduate scheme? Is it different to other schemes? What is your educational background? Thanks :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your offer. I had a quick question, I have done my AAT and wanted to apply at RSM. My ucas points does not meet RSM requirements, but since I have done my AAT, would my application still be considered?


I believe they are quite strict with their rules concerning meeting the requirements, but there’s no harm in sending a quick email to double check.


Depending on which office you’re in, I believe it’s 24k-28k approximately. I can’t speak for the other schemes. I am graduating next year with a degree in Accounting + Finance, but to be honest I think having existing work experience is more important in being able to communicate to the interviewer a believable response as to why you want to work in auditing.


Congrats on your offer! I have a video interview coming up and I think they will ask competency questions. Any tips you can give on this? Thanks in advance!


Does anyone know what the written exercise consists of ?


Thank you! From what I can remember, the video interview only comprises of 4-6 questions. The first few are basically things like “Why RSM”, “Why Audit” etc., and then there are two/three that will ask you more competency based ones. You have some time before each question to prepare your answer (like 30 seconds or something) so just make sure you know the key points of your answer so that you can deliver it smoothly.


There’s no written exercise, at least not unless they’ve suddenly made changes to the AC stage. There’s no essays/report writing anything like that, any writing is just note taking when you’re doing the group exercise. You’ll get a case study to make notes on (although these notes don’t have to be presented, they’re just for your own reference), and then you put a presentation together as a group.


What do you think you would have to stress or bring out on the application itself to be successful?
Also, was there anything you found specifically challenging in the application process?


Ah okay, thanks for the reply. I was confused as the email states specifically there will be a written exercise and then a partner interview.


I think you need to emphasise exactly why you want to do audit and show what you understand about auditing. They want to know that you actually want to do their scheme and that you are genuinely interested in auditing and everything the scheme has to offer. Place a lot more emphasis on what you can bring to RSM, not what RSM can do for you. There was nothing too challenging particularly, it’s just a matter of knowing how to prepare for competency questions and making sure you have a well rounded knowledge of the job and company.


No problem, best of luck with your application!


Awesome. It seems like the questions are pretty straightforward and standard. Hope I’ll be able to prepare well for them. Thanks for the info!


Congrats on your offer! I’m just waiting to hear back about dates for an AC. Was the layout of the day pretty standard - group exercise, presentation, manager/partner interview, or were there any differences? Thanks in advance!


Hello! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Yes, this layout was quite standard and straightforward. The first thing you do will be the group exercise then the presentation (in groups), followed my manager interview, then lunch. Some people will get sent home at this point, but if you were successful you’ll do another case study exercise (individually) followed by the partner presentation (individual as well) and then an interview with them. Best of luck!


Ah okay, I was wondering if it was split in to two parts with people leaving after the first. Thanks so much for the info!


I submitted my video interview on 06/01/2017 and has not heard anything. Is this normal?


hi, I have my video interview and was wondering if you can give me a structure as to what to expect please :slight_smile:


Does anyone know what the starting salary for a Tax Assistant is?