RSA grad scheme


Anyone had a telephone interview with RSA for the grad scheme?


Hi guys from what i heard it’s meant to be competency based upon your previous work exp! so have your application and CV on hand because they will ask you this shizzle!

Let me know how it goes and what they asked! I would say be prepared for the usual why rsa e.t.c stuffs as well or maybe even one commercial awareness question if they’re feeling particularly generous haha anyway good luck!


hello every1, got phone interview as well, and scared to death about what type of questions the gonna ask, interview duration 1 bloody hour!!! what i’m supposed to do for 1 hour on the phone!!! goosh

i will be really grateful if anybody can help me out here, please


Hey, I was told that the phone interview is about 30mins, they just book you in for 1 hour!


What roles did you guys apply for? (I applied for the pricing / actuarial).

My interview is tomorrow at 9am in the morning lol; so I hope that it isn’t a full on hour! Otherwise I’ll be knackered towards the end hehe.

Not sure when your interviews are going to be held so I wish you all the best of luck.


My interview is next week, I applied for actuarial too. Good luck with your interview Knowslian, please share with us the questions they ask.


mine is a pricing role as well but for the afternoon, good luck!


we are all in the same boat!!!


No, but I have one scheduled for this Thursday! Had to ring up the HR lady coz I missed her call lol >_< When is yours scheduled?

I asked what type of questions would be given, she just said it would be a basic competency based 40min (ish) phone interview. Usual “why this role” - “why this company” - “when were you in a group…” etc.

What position did you apply for? I went for the pricing/actuarial role. There doesn’t seem to be too much info on their site regarding anything. I was concerned about which qualification I could possible be studying for; Institute of actuaries or the CII diploma?

Best of luck


Oops, that last post of mine was an edit.

Did my interview yesterday, I didn’t think it was that hard tbh. Just be alert lol

The inteview started with just some simpler “easier” questions; such as why RSA and the role you applied for.

Then I was asked to explain a time I used initiative. Another time I experienced or gave great customer service.

Than was asked some simpler questions such as where I would like to work, what salary I would like and if I’m able to attend an assessment centre (IF I get through).

She told me on the phone that; there is only one assessment centre week commencing 19th April. 2 vacancies for Pricing, 1 for underwriting and another 1 for claims. Apparently (I believe from what she said) there are only 12 places at the AS. Meaning 12 people will only get an invite after this telephone period.

Finally she told me to expect a reply from them within 3-5 weeks regarding the outcome because interviews are being held up until that point.

Best of Luck


the assessment centre from what i heard got moved forward to the 4th of march! for 12 candidates as well and for the pricing role it’ll be 1 commercial and 1 personal lines,

what do you guys think will it be tough? to get a call and maybe even the job?


earlier you asked which exam you would be doing right? if it’s the pricing role it’ll definitely be the FIA actuarial the ACII is only for underwriters and comepletely different!

good luck!


I got a call inviting me to the assessment stage for 4th March. Not sure if this is the only one they’re holding, because “lots of people” applied. So maybe they’re holding more?


So will that assessment day be for all three positions? (pricing, claims, underwriting). I haven’t even bought a suit yet lol. Have you had your telephone interview?



Rejected at Assessment Centre :frowning:

How y’all got on?


Hey Knowslian.
Sorry to hear that you were rejected after the AC…Can you give me an idea of the types of stuff that went on at the AC as there is another one coming up that I’m going to for Underwriting.
Thanks alot


My brother just got in graduate scheme as an actuary in the London office.
He did the summer internship a year before graduating so had got in with people in the company already.
So I think going for the summer internship will help increase chance in graduate program. I know one of my brothers interviewers was someone he knew. Also meant he was able to negotiate his salary (got an extra few grand added) because they already had an idea of what he was capable of.