Royal Mail

Royal mail

has any one done the royal mail rest,they use Talent Q and that was the first time to do a test has difficult as that,anyone else done it?


I’ve done it, found it ok! what scheme are you going for?


YeA I have applied for the operAtional scheme and I have telephone interview next month.I just wanna know the type of questions they Ask.have u got the feed bAck yet if u pAssed it?


i have gone for the operations too, passed the telephone interview about 2 weeks ago, they ask you questions based on the soarr model, its on the website under recruitment process, you should have got it in an email too. they ask you all 5 questions.


ok i will try and look them up have you been invited to assessment center?theres dis new i heard about telling operations graduate to deliver letters as well,do u think that is true?


Has anybody attended AC yet? What is it like?

@tumsam - From what I know you will be doing various things in your Operations Scheme, one of which might be assisting your posties. But it’s not like you’re actually a postie yourself. The telephone interview is okay - pretty much a standard competency based questions. Good luck!


I’d just taken TalentQ questions… they are quite different from the usual SHL and Kenexa… Any idea how long it takes to get the results?



sasya - did you hear after your talent q


Hi James,

Yes I did hear after TalentQ asking me to complete personality test online and then telephone interview. I have my final assessment centre coming up!

Have you been waiting for your results for long?


I had mine few days ago. How long do they take to come back? Thanks for your response


I think 4 - 5 days for me


Hi Guys

I have just got through my tests and am booked for my telephone interview . I’d be grateful for any pointers. Thanks.


Hi Boss. Congratulations on making it to telephone interview. You would have been given the competencies they are looking for in the mail, just prepare some examples based on that.

Good Luck.


Boss, congratulations. As Sasya says - you will need to reflect on your CV and prepare for the relevant competencies of the Royal Mail. If you haven’t been given, I think you can find it online on their website.

So when did you do your test and how long did they take to respond? I did mine a few days ago and wasn’t great.

Best wishes


Thanks, Jamesxx123 (and Sasya) .

Sorry to hear you didn’t get through…

I have to say that despite my academic background, I failed to get through a past set of assessments, which left me disappointed. And so I didn’t want to get caught out on this occasion as we only have one chance to respond. So, based on the advice of other Wikijob forum members, I subscribed to the Assessment Day tests which gave me a lot of confidence to attempt the Talent tests.

I honestly thought that I did not get through as, as you know, you are given 15mins to do the verbal and numeric tests and for each question, you are permitted up to 1 minute (other than the first) to respond to each otherwise the question times out and moves to the other. (The psychometric test is much longer but untimed.)

So, to answer your question, I did my test in the past seven days and I received RM’s response within three days of completion. I would definitely recommend “” as good preparation for any future tests, as it appears to be the norm going forward for many organisations.

All the best though in your future attempt at similar tests…


Thanks Boss for your good wishes.

May I ask what role did you (& Sasya too) apply for? I hope I hear something





Hi All,

I have just completed the Talent Q ability test’s for Royal Mail’s STEP program. Not sure if I have made it through, but in readiness I was wondering if anybody has been through Royal Mail’s telephone interview process, and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what exactly to expect??? i.e. types of questions etc… Any advice would be greatly appreciated and the first round of drinks are on me if I make it to the assessment centre and meet any of you their.

Thanks and Kindest Regards



Hi Raj

I would refer to Sasya’s earlier response of 4 May, which I repeat below verbatim:

“Congratulations on making it to telephone interview. You would have been given the competencies they are looking for in the mail, just prepare some examples based on that.”

Hope it all works out

Best, Boss…


Ha ha Raj… Don’t commit to first round of drinks for AC itself… you might have to spend too much :slight_smile: And since Boss used my words ( :wink: ) I suppose I am also legally entitled to first round :slight_smile: