Royal Mail HR Graduate Programme Telephone Interview

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I have a telephone interview for Royal Mail HR Graduate Programme and was wondering if anyone did the same interview and has any tips and advice on it, like what type of questions they asked. Thanks in advance.


I had mine last Tuesday at 9am - I can’t remember the exact questions, but it was 5 basic questions following the model sent in an email prior to the interview. I think it was collaboration, leadership, strategy, and 2 others - I can’t remember off the top of my head. They were just basic competency questions and nothing challenging. I had one with PwC for their Corporate Tax programme the evening before which was very very intense and lasted nearly an hour which I have passed, the Royal Mail one lasted about 25 minutes and was nice and relaxed.

I’m still awaiting a response, I thought it was 5 working days to hear back but today would be 6, so hopefully will hear something soon.

Good luck.


Thanks for the quick response. I have two other interviews in the same week so I hope I have enough time to prepare. Do you remember any specific questions they asked? And did they ask any questions related specifically to the role and the company? e.g. Why HR? Why Royal Mail?
Good luck and hope they respond soon.

I emailed Royal Mail and this was the response:

You should expect to provide an example of when you demonstrated your capabilities against the behaviours below: -

• Discernment
• Understanding Circumstances
• Leadership
• Vitality
• Positiveness

Hints & Tips
The best examples give the relevant information as per the SOARR model : -
Situation - describe a specific situation or problem in your past experience that is pertinent to the question
Objective – describe what you were trying to achieve
Action – describe the action you took and any obstacles that you had to overcome
Results – highlight the outcomes of what you achieved
Reflection – what did you learn from the experience?


How did you get on with your interview? Have you heard anything back yet? I still haven’t heard a peep, my application just says ‘interview booked’, quite disappointed I haven’t heard either way.


For anyone else waiting for an update on their application following the telephone interview, I emailed earlier today and received a response stating that they are planning on communicating the results by the end of the week, so not long to go now thankfully.


Hey, interview went ok, not as well as I would have hoped but I haven’t heard anything back either. Yeah I emailed too and they said the same thing; they will get back to all the candidates sometime this week. It is a bit weird though as they said they would take 24 hours…


Hallo, I also had an interview today.
Did you had the chance to get the interviewer’s email? His name was Michael Maile or something like that…Did any of you had the same interviewer?
Good luck to everyone!


Apart from the competency questions, were there any questions like ‘Why Royal Mail?’ ‘Why this role?’ etc…

On the email it says it will last approx 40 mins, seems quite a long time for just competency questions.

Thanks in advance for anyone that answers my question, and good luck to everyone.


I wasn’t asked any questions about why I had applied for the role, why Royal Mail, or even anything about me or my CV, it was just 5 straightforward competency questions which only lasted about 20/25 minutes, others who have completed the telephone interview have had similar times so I think that’s the norm.

Good luck!


Oh and my interviewer was a woman - she said she was the recruitment manager for the role, I forget her name though.


Yep just competency questions, nothing about the role or why Royal Mail and it lasted about 20/25 minutes.


Thank you all. I might just prepare some basic answers to the questions I asked about above, in-case I get someone evil. Also prepare a couple of exmples for each of the expected questions they provided me with.


Yes, I think that the best think you can do…Try to prepare 2-3 examples about each point the gave you…That’s the only things they are going to ask you. They didn’t ask me anything else this morning…But mine lasted more than 20min. It was around 40min in total.


hi, I had my telephone interview last week with Royal mail. I did not hear from them till now.
did you hear from them about telephone interview ?


What was the questions asked?


Have you had your response yet? Mine was a few weeks ago and no results yet. Quite disappointed with the lack of communication, not sure if this is a company I want to work for if they keep you waiting weeks for a yes or no answer after saying 5 working days.


What email address did you use to contact them? I am getting no response…


They asked 4 questions ,on leadership Qualities.
they said 2weeks.


to get back


I had my interview nearly 2 weeks ago and still no response… I’m very dissapointed. In that time I’ve had telephone interview and assesment centre with another company.