Royal Mail Graduate Scheme 2014

Royal mail


Anybody heard back from Royal Mail about the outcome of the online tests/assessment centres? Completed the tests on 30th September and still haven’t heard back yet. Somebody I know who applied got rejected recently for the Commercial programme.



Hey I got an email in Tuesday inviting me to assessment centre on dec 2nd.

Which one did you apply for?
I thought I failed the maths test for sure.



I applied for the Commercial programme and was emailed Tuesday that I passed the online tests but haven’t been picked for an assessment centre. Had to confirm that if a slot opens ill be available.

Good luck Claire!


Sharon… I know what you mean. Passed that stage now, so on the AC.
I spoke to my lecturer and she advised me to get books regarding competency questions and have positive answers ready. This is common sense but having the book or other material might help you think of some you would never have thought of on your own.

I’ve done a few assessment centres in the past few years and my only advice don’t quote me as this could be different is to be relax and yourself. It will come across easily in the group interview. But really good luck everyone :slight_smile:
C x


I have my AC on the 4th as well…Looking forward to meeting everyone…x


Hi guys…i wish you all best of luck for you AC. could you please offer some helpful tips after your AC got mine next week.

good luck


Hi everyone,

I submitted my application on the 2nd, could anybody tell me when I should expect to hear from them to see if I’m through to the next stage? A couple of days/couple of weeks?


i think i heard back from them within a week or two. it was a little while ago but not more than two weeks.


Hi could you give me some information on the excercises that the assessment centre has i have one coming up on the 4th of february?


am going to the AC on For the logistics program, can anybody please give me any info on what to expect and whats the possible interview questions like and the exercise


Has anyone hear back from Royal mail Finance assessment day in December?

I had mine early December and we were told they will get back before xmas but i still haven’t heard back from them? even if i didn’t make it i will just like to know for piece of mind.


Just make sure you read more around the assessment competence criteria given to you. i would suggest you prepare two or three questions for each because your interview is likely to be base on that. for every other things just be confident. they are nice and if you have good group, it will make things much more easier.

best of luck


What do you mean exactly when you say prepare two or three questions around the competencies?


Same too i don’t get it. i know they send me a list of what the looking for according to different assessment!! is that what you referring to? and my assessment is on tue but i was asked to come a day earlier for a tour of royal facility… am nervous


Oh okay what did you apply to?


Logistics Programme


I’m doing operations on 3-4th of Feb you wouldn’t mind letting me know about the different exercises you encounter in a little bit of detail please?


so i am talking about the list of things they sent you. the interview questions are likely to be from there. atleast it was for me. however i applied for finance role so it may be different from yours. but they said its those competence area you will be assess against and about two questions came from each competence area. i hope that make sense. if not i will say just prepare as you will when going from an interview.

good luck to you both


what was your case study on?


I had my assessment centre for SW Operations Scheme on 29th January. Constantly looking at my phone waiting for an answer, the wait is killing me and its only been 5 days!