Royal Mail Graduate Scheme 2013

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I’ve just applied for the 2013 scheme in Finance, was wondering who else has applied for it, and what the process was for them? I’ve heard previously some people have been shifted into other schemes as their scheme have been filled up.
I have to do the online assessment and have been hearing mixed reviews about this. What was your intake on the assessment, and what schemes have you been applying for?

Also any form of heads up regarding the assessment would be a great advantage to know of.

Many thanks




I’ve just received conformation that I have been successful getting through to the assessment centre at the end of April, did you here back from them?



Congratulations Kathryn, I too have been invited to the royal mail assessment at the end of April. Mines for the East Midlands. Looking forward to it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


I agree, have you had any experience of assesment centres before? Im a little uncertain of what to expect, and mine too, am in Warwickshire on the 30th,


I have also been invited to an assessment center at the end of April, for East midlands (Northampton)
Did you guys have a phone interview? I somehow seem to have missed that stage!


I didn’t no, just an email, which programme did you apply for ?





Same here, I didn’t have a phone interview, just an on-line set of tests. Pretty sure I made a disaster of one of them as my optic mouse was deciding to play up a little.
Either way I’m booked for Northampton April 24th

Congratulations and good luck both!


Hi guys,

Is anyone attending the Operations Assessment Centre in the South East area?

Congrats to all of you who have made it through :slight_smile:


Hello every one,

@ Natilla, i have been invited for the assessment center for the operations scheme in the south east area.

Congratulations to every one that made it to the AC


Anyone heard anything back from Central Operations, my profile just says under review and as you all getting assessment centres wonder if it means I’m unsuccessful.


Has anyone had their assessment yet? Any idea what it is like / what to expect?


I just found out today i have been accepted on to the operations graduate scheme, and was wondering if anyone else has heard back yet?


Congrats Tom!
can you please share your experience. i have one on 28th june.


Tom, I’m on the operations scheme too! Which region are you in? I’m southwest :slight_smile:


Hi is it possible to maybe get some information of what each exercise of the assessment centre entails i have one coming up in february.

Many thanks


Hi, I found out that has some info, I dunno if it’s up to date but it sounds good!