Royal Mail Graduate Assessment Centre August- September 2011

Royal mail

Hi Everyone,

I am attending a Royal Mail AC on 1st September 2011. If you are attending RM AC as well please PM me- may be we can share ideas! Look forward hearing from you.



Hi Jay

Which scheme you have applied for and which region? Royal Mail contacted me yesterday to attend assessment centre today at rugby.

I am still waiting to get one because they said they are completely full and will let me know soon one became available…



Hi DT,

I applied for Operations for South East Region. What about you?



I have applied for operations in midlands region bu after phone interview royal mail notified me that I have successfully cleared the phone interview but assessment center is full in midlands.

So I have choose any region royal mail have still available.



Hi there,

I recently attended the Asssessment Centre in August.

Has anyone heard back yet and how did it go for you?


Hi Everyone…

Any one attending assessment centre tomorrow at rugby?




how did the assessment go? any tips? Thanks



Did anyone hear back from Royal Mail regarding their AC yet?


not as yet

what about yourself?


no me neither


Hello Guys :slight_smile:
I got invitation for Assessment centre for graduate scheme and it is tommorow.
I know the basic structure of assessment.
Can I kindly request for more details asap.
Please inbox me if you can.


Which region you have applied…




hello everyone
Some feedback please


Hi everyone,

I got offered a position for the South East Region within the Operational Graduate Programme of Royal Mail.


Congratulations Jay, you deserve it x


Thanks mate.


Congrats guys…How was the set-up? good idea about the company and what it would be like working there? I was offered an AC, declined it to go to another AC…All the best fellas enjoy.,Share your experience



I have a telephone interview with Royal Mail for the Graduate HR position. Any advice on the intervew would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hi guys,

I just had a telephone interview with Royal Mail for the Logistics Scheme and I have been invited to the Assessment Centre. Can anyone pls shed more light as to what activities are involved at the Assessment Centre?

Moushumi…good luck in the interview. For my interview, I was sent a couple of skills I would be tested for but the interviewer did not ask for ONE of those skills. She asked me totally different questions, I was flabbergasted, my throat was patched. Had to ask for time to get a glass of water and collect myself. I got through though. You just have to be prepared for anything which I know sounds easy to say but that is it. Be calm (easy to say, difficult to do) and be ready to think on the spot. You have made it through the tests, you should be fine.