Royal Bank of Canada- First round interview/assessment centre


Hi everyone,

Has anyone experience a first round interview or assessment centre with RBC Capital Markets. If you have would you be kind enough to share your experiences from start to finish. Am applying for Global Markets division in London. Thank you.


hi, mine is scheduled this thursday…when is yours?


hi, may i know how long RBC took to get back to you upon completion of the test?


since 15 of dec :slight_smile:


Thanks gloglo! I completed the online test on the 6th of Mar and my status has been updated to reflect “your application is under consideration”. Do you happen to know if that means I’ve passed it?


well i dont know for sure but for some companies like Credit suisse for eg, they reject you as soon as you fail the test…so fingers cross :slight_smile:


Thanks gloglo! I’ll be happy to share with you any information should I hear from them.

BTW I applied to the cap MKT programming in hkg.

All the best with ur first round!


Hi zlct

I too have completed the numerical test a while ago (28th of February to be exact) and have not heard back since. I am applying for the GM analyst programme in London. To be honest I don’t think I did too well on the test as stupidly I decided to use a pc calculator rather than an actual calculator. Let me know whenever you hear back and I shall do the same!


What exactly have you applied for gloglo?


hi PSV. sure, will keep u posted. may i know what your current stage in the login page says?


‘You application is under consideration’.

I think they may want to wait till every applicant has completed their online tests before inviting say the top 30 or 20 percentile to an interview. That’s my take on it anyway, I may be wrong


ive applied for risk management


Hello, anyone heard back from the RBC DCM assessment centre last Friday?


hey i have a first interview this week. could you plz share what kind of questions were asked in yours plz :slight_smile:


Hey, I also apply the capital market program in Hk. I am invited for numerical test one day after submission and invited to verbal test one day after numerical test. Now my status is: You have completed the test…

May I ask have u completed both test and then ur status is: application under consideration?


Hey babyfacewen, I am in the same situation with you, always “You have completed the test”.
Have you got any update?


i got a reply nearly 3 months after ahhaha…i had submitted my application on the 15th of december (but mine was for london office) and got a reply in march…


Hi gloglo, could you plz share a little bit your interview ? Is there any question about current affair or only about personal background and motivation?


anyone heard back from first interview? anyone got invited to ac yet? i applied to risk management


Hi, babyfacewen and R.K.

What are your status now?