Routes to invetment banking and trading


Hi, I am really wanting to go into investment banking/trading and am currently applying to jobs. Since the competition is so high I have been rejected from many of the big banks. Still got a few in the works but wondering whether or not applying to KPMG/PWC/E&Y/D (big 4) is a good way to get into investment banking in the long term?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Decide on IBD or trading, they’re very different. Even if you apply to both, you need to be able to convince employers you’re only interested in one.

I suggest you read the vault career guides to develop an understanding of both and decide from there.

If you decide to go for IBD, the Big 4 offer jobs in Corporate Finance advisory which can be a good stepping stone to IBD (M&A).

You’ll find you’ve missed most the application deadlines for big banks by now.