Rothschild LT Internship - anyone heard back?


Hi, I sent off an application for Rothschild’s Long Term internship programme in early Dec, but haven’t heard anything back as of yet?

Has anyone heard from them either way, or, even better, has anyone actually completed an internship with them? Would be great to know how other people are fairing up. Thanks!


come on guys - someone must have applied!



Which office are you applying? London?


hey pz6311, I applied to the London office. Have you applied to Rothschild too?


Yep, but sorry, I am applying to the Hong Kong office. Anyway, best wishes to our applications. =)


Hi Yun
i applied to london office for summer internship
i got their email yesterday saying that they will contact to me in the next 2 weeks for the next step. i submitted my application long time ago, abt middle of Nov.


I applied to rothschild for the LT internship at the regional offices though. Gues it’l be a long wait before I hear from them :frowning:


Did anyone go to their LT Internship interviews recently? Has anyone heard back?


Nops not a word…bt I applied on 1st Feb…so it hasn been that long to be honest. However, I wrote to them today asking them if they could confirm the receipt of my application


I applied and haven’t heard back yet either. Do you know of anyone who’s had an interview? I wonder if they’re waiting until after they’ve finished going through summer internship applications before starting on long term. Either way the wait is frustrating…


I also applied for a graduate program within Rothschild. Before applying, I spoke to their HR during Career Days event and they told me not to worry if I didn’t get any answer from them, it may take a few months before getting some news. However, I didn’t get any confirmation of the receipt of my application and I find that very unprofessional.


rejected :frowning:



I have been called for an interview for the Rothschild LT internship for the IB division.

Was the interview very technical or more competency based ? Was there a lot of commercial awareness ?



I’d appreciate any update on your applications please. Did anyone apply for Paris?


Hi guys, i wanna apply to summer internship to Rothschild but there is nothing available for London. Does anyone know anything? Thanks