Rothschild Long Term Internship - September 2011


Hi, Has anyone applied to Rothschild LT internship? Has anyone heard back from them? Any info will be highly appreciated.


Yes, I heard back on the 1st of June and have the interview coming up in the next week. 1st round includes 1 hour of psychometric tests and a 30 minute interview. Anyone else going?


Thanks DFS and congratulations for being invited. Can i ask you when you made your application. I have not heard anything - which might not be a good sign. Don’t know if still there is any chance for being called.


Highly doubt you’ll hear back at this point, the final round is in two weeks. The only slots they offered for interview were the 8th and the 9th I believe… It aint over til it’s over though. Good luck.


Also, I applied weeks and weeks ago.


Has anyone heard back from rothschild after the interviews in 7th, 8th and 9th of June. When are the second interviews.


Anyone been to final round?

Has anyone heard back… I’m worried they may not be taking that many interns since I don’t know anyone who heard back…


They were supposed to be today! It will be interesting to hear if someone was successful or otherwise.


Interviews were hard!

but nice people, good experience overall.

Praying… good luck to all!


Had final round yesterday - very tough indeed, will hear back next week. Not sure how many interns they wanted, but i think there were 20 or so candidates left at the final stage. Anyone else there?


DFS, all the best wishes. when did they invite you to the final round.
has anyone in the first interview been told they were not successful.


First round, no reply yet… :frowning:



Got final round invite about a week ago. Not sure if any have been rejected yet, my guess would be that theyre keeping a reserve list in case not many final round candidates matched up. Not sure that will be the case though, the people at my final round seemed to be of a very high calibre… We’ll see though i guess.


Anyone hear today?


anyone heard back either way?


Nope, no word for me. Been on TSR ans WSO but nobody seems to have heard… Might ring them tomorrow. Quite worrying actually…


yap… it’s getting silly!


Were you at a final round?




I suspect that if you haven’t heard back, you’re on some sort of waiting list. These off-cycle internships are traditionally quite small so your final round probably had relatively few candidates (20-25 tops?) competing for only a handful of places.

As most candidates apply for multiple internships, and I suspect some already hold offers, you are likely waiting for the time window for accepting offers to shut before they are able to move onto their second choice candidate list.

If you were promised a response by this week, tomorrow is the end of the work week, so it is perfectly fair to drop them a line. If you have a contact email address for graduate recruitment, I’d try that before ringing up.