Rothschild Long term internship 2013



I applied on September 15th for the Rothschild Long Term internship (GFA) in London and I am still waiting for news. Has somebody applied too?




Hi Claudio,

I applied for the CEE Long-term Internship 2013(GFA) in London on the same day as you. I haven’t heard anything yet…



Same here, guys… no news at all so far. I think they will go through apps this month or so.
Again, my speculation here…


I have email them - said they’ll be in contact in the due course …


anyone heard from them for the first round?


Nope… have you?


Still nothing… I see I am not the only one. Well, I guess we can only wait.


emailed HR. they are currently interviewing for summer interns. seems like that the LT interviews will come afterwards.


Has anyone heard anything yet? Probably rejected now - but I’m surprised I havent heard anything or ahd my status updated on the website?

Some one put me out of my misery.


Any news anyone?


no newssss


I heard back, and was invited to afternoon tea. They said they’ll be contacting people for assessment centres in Jan.


When did you hear back from them? An when are the first round interviews?


I heard back late october and I’m not sure when they are. I know last year they were around february - march time.


interview coming up - anyone had one yet?

I’ve heard pretty mixed things about the first round - is it more comp or more technical. It’s only half an hour but im really not sure how to strucutre my prep.


rejected…what kind of background do you guys have? I have a feeling some companies completely ignore international students, or atl they are severely disadvantaged. I did however interview with a much bigger bank, where they were impressed by my credentials.

Well, could just be a game of chance also… also market is terrible.


@BigMacD is this for the long-term september internship? And when did you hear about booking your interview?


No, its not for september. You generally get two weeks notice before your interview. Sept interviews in June/July from what I understand. Do you have any experience with interview at R? As I mentioned I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out what to prep for.


Has anyone heard bk yet? My status in the website is still “received and will be process shortly”


Well, I have 2 offers now and I emailed them. Hopefully they can speed up the process in light of that.