Rothschild application - URGENT HELP NEEDED


I am currently filling out the Rothschild application form for investment banking and I think this is the hardest I have come across so far as there are lots of competency questions I am on my 5th question and I do not know how to answer it. So your help and any tips on how to go about answering it are wanted.

The question says “Describe a recent significant challenge you have had to face that called for initiative and creativity. What made the situation challenging, what obstacles did you have to overcome and what did you have to do to meet the challenge/solve the problem?”



I would say it is just a typical question. If there is any challenge you face you generally have to use a new idea (creativity and initiative). So whether you have started something new which you originally found challenging, a module at uni that is different to all your others. A project where you encountered a problem mid-way through.
So using the module example, it was challenging (to you… remember it doesn’t have to be a particularly hard thing just difficult/different to what you are used to) because it was out of your comfort zone, something you weren’t used to. Therefore the obstacles may have been other people were more aware of how to complete the module better, lecturer assumed everyone was at the same level etc.
So you researched into it, asked questions, managed your time to stay on top of the work.

I’m not sure if what I have said makes any sense and it’s probably not the best example but I don’t know what experiences you have had. Good luck anyway!


Hey, Haps what division you applying for? I submitted my Rothschild application yest, it was a mamouth application!! but satisfying when I submitted it!!


I applied for an investment banking internship, you? and could you please tell me how you answered the above question than you?


This application is awful, could only be compared to BP, I think. Do they use online numerical testing?
About that question – I think they need to see an example of a time when u put a lot of effort, thought of solutions where non were apparent, and so on. Have you worked in an unfamiliar environment /long hours, demanding manager, stressful/, studied abroad /or did an exchange/, set up a club/society, etc.?


@donnie brasco Yeh the application is really long, but means they can really review your application in great detai. Most of the investment banks use a computer to filter out ppl for first round interviews, which means that you could be rejected for no reason at all. At least with Rothschild they go through each application on its own merits individually - you stand a much better chance.

@Haps - yep I submitted mine a few days back but I have been informed they will be a numerical test probably similar to Deutsche Banks


have u guys heard anything back from Rothschild?
I submitted my application around 21th Nov and i havent heard a word from them. really wonder.
could i apply for 2 positions in a academic year?


Hey everyone, I recieved a weird email from Rothschild stating that the internship is only intended for people in their second or last years at uni, but I am a 2nd year. But on the same day I recieved an email saying that the system had made an error. So anyway in that messaege they also said that they would be reviewing my application and getting back to me in a couple of weeks, well a couple of weeks has come and gone I hope this error means I will get an internship It really is a great story.


Call them up and find out what’s going on.


Yeah thats a good idea Redsuperted, I’m gonna phoen them up tommorow ill let you all know whats happening.


hey Haps, did you apply for a summer internship? I would defo ring them up if you had.


Has anyone had an interview for their Long Term internships yet?


I applied before christmas for summer internship, have not heard anything yet!



I have been called for an interview for the Rothschild LT internship for the IB division.

Was wondering if anyone could help ?

Was the interview very technical or more competency based ? Was there a lot of commercial awareness ?



Do they get back to you if you are unsuccessful? Usually how long does it take before they start looking over apps?


I’m wondering about it as well, seven years later, it’s still a difficult question to answer…Anyone can help?