Rothschild - any experiences?


Hi there,

I have a first round interview with Rothschild - does anyone have any experience with these guys, or know what to expect? Besides the name, how are they seen? Are they a respected firm?


Hey which location hhav u applied to ?
ive still been waiting to hear frm them…


anyone know abt their recruitment schedule?


I was expecting to be rejected by now; waiting for a while (over 3 weeks). Does anyone know whats up with Rothschild? Are people from HR recruiting or have they gone on to help Akeel Sachak with the Cadbury deal?


hahaha… good one Aj. I know Rothschild started interviewing in the first week of November for Full time positions. But, I am guessing they have filled most of their FT positions with summer interns, coz its almost time for their summer internship recruitment cycle to start! I know they have a graduate class of 22 for 2010. and they had 17 summer interns last summer.



I have been called for an interview for the Rothschild LT internship for the IB division.

Was the interview very technical or more competency based ? Was there a lot of commercial awareness ?



Hello Christabelle, how was your experience with Rothschild. I was applying for the same. What can we expect. Any application tips you suggest?


Hey I had an interview for LT internship at Rothschild last year around June, 2009 and was rejected after first round.

In terms of my experience it was quite the basic competency questions, but I had to make a quick presentation about ‘Why Rothschild’ and also on the email they told me I had to take a numerical and verbal testing but I didnt do it…

PS: I applied for the 2011 analyst position in NYC, not sure how relevant it is but the application deadline was 15/09/2010 and I’m wondering when I would hear back??


Rothschild is one of the more exclusive places - unless youre packing a 3.8+/4.0 GPA, make sure you have amazing references and experience.