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Does anyone ave any information about the interview/assessment process at [[Rolls Royce]] for graduate schemes or [[internships]]?


Hi Redsuperted,

I applied for summer internship in Finance mid-November last year. After about 6-7 weeks I got an email telling me that they would like to take my application further, and that my application was being reviewed by business managers. About 1-2 weeks later they asked me to provide my first year results. A week later they rang me up and asked me to attend the assessment day on Feb 2nd.

Have you applied to Rolls-Royce? If yes, what’s the status of your application now?



anyone have any updates on the Rolls Royce graduate leadership programme 2011? i applied and its been over 5 weeks and in the email it was stated that i would hear something within four weeks, however, it is still in consideration? any help would be really appreciated.



hi ztah045,
have you heard from them since?
I applied in January, was told that my application was under review in February but have not heard from them since.


hi has anyone recieved any feedback from Rolls royce 2011 leadership programme, applied n july, site says applicaton is in review…



i have been invited for an assessment centre by RR at their Derby base at the end of the month for their HR grad leadership programme. It looks quite exhaustive and challenging! Anyone has any ideas/experiences/tips to share with us? It will be of immense help :slight_smile:


hi sagarchhadva

would you mind telling us when did u apply and how long it took to get an answer back?

with regards to the assessment centre, I got some info last week when I went to their Manufacturing insight days in Derby. We have also spoken to some of the graduates there. there are quite a few things to bear in mind: when doing the group exercise, we were advised to be ourselves, not to put on an act;1 interview is competency based, therefore they will ask something like ’ give me an example of a time when you lead a team/had to cope with someone difficult’ and another one is technical which I am not sure what it consists of (but since you are applying to the HR program, you might not have it; not sure though). you will also have a presentation but you will be given the topic a couple of weeks before the AC.

if there is any other info you think I missed, could you post back please?

also, do you have some tips to share about the questions in the application form? i found it quite difficult not to go over the 1000 characters. i haven`t submitted my application yet because I am not too sure what they are looking for and at the moment I have some difficulties expressing my achievements in a concise way


Hi meadi,
I have an assessment at there centre in derby on 16th dec, ihave gone for the control and Instrumentation, any insight into the technical interview would be helpfull.


Hi guys
I have been invited for the Rolls Royce Assessment Centre next week for Project Management. Please would you mind sharing your AC experience.
Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi all. I have an assessment centre with RR for the Engineering Leadership development prog and I am wondering if anyone of you could provide useful info regarding the assessment day. Thank you


Hi all,

I have applied for a summer internship this year.
Last week I got an e-mail informing me about a phone interview for next week.
Does anybody know what I can expect from that kind of interview?

Thank you in advance.