Rolls-Royce Graduate Leadership Development Programme 2009.


Hi house! I hope everyone is doing great? Please, could anyone help me with some tips about Royce-Royce’s graduate leadership assessment centre? I have one coming up soon. Thank you


Fantastic graduate scheme!


Thank you Redsuperted. Please do you know how the engineering leadership assessment centre for this year is like? I will appreciate your comments.


I was fairly impressed with the assessment day when I attended two years ago. I’m pretty chatty so managed to check out the CVs of the other attendees! Most from Cambridge/Oxford when I was there. Despite my CV being stronger I was put on the controls direct entry scheme. I turned them down - like Shell, I think these guys prefer you to come from a more presitgious university (and I went to Edinburgh!).

The assessment day itself is pretty standard, you just have to read the info on this site and you’d be prepared.


Hello guitarman,

You say most at the assessment day were OxBridge and that you were at Edinburgh? Well i went to Leicester which is ranked similarly - am i wasting my time applying for the Finance scheme do you think??!!



I graduated from Edinburgh, yes - still live here! At the time I had just graduated and was probably a bit naive. I wore a nice shirt and had an outstanding CV (I got a look at the others and mine was exemplary in comparison) - however I didn’t really talk the talk and certainly didn’t have one of the nice suits the other interviewees had. I was certainly dissapointed that I got referred to the direct entry programme rather than onto the graduate programme and felt hard done by. However, it did seem like a really good company (though Derby didn’t really float my boat) and I think you should definitely apply. The work is interesting and the company well known. I say give it a shot, but dress super sharp, know your stuff, and be prepared to compete with the best! My conclusions aren’t out of bitterness - I’m now doing well working for other engineering companies. I actually spoke to an ex manager from Shell for example (hence my earlier comment) who said that big companies like that DO have a strong bias toward the more renowned universities - he said it was partly why he left, as they were missing out on good talent.

Anyway! You should totally go for it, I wish you the best of luck. You’re not only competing with this year’s lot of graduates, but last year’s and the year before that. If I didn’t have a job right now I’d apply to maybe 8 companies, not 25+ like I did before, and do some serious study into each. Hope you bag the job! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the help/advice!! much appreciated!!

I have decided to go for about 10 schemes all of which are finance schemes. Rolls-Royce are obviously an engineering company so if that is what you were going for maybe that level of competition would be expected? Still i think im going to give a a try - nothing to lose!

Thanks again!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, has anyone applied for Rolls-Royce’s graduate programme? It has been more than a month since I applied, still got no reply. Anyone got an invitation for the AC? Should I call them? Thanks.


claudia-wy, they took a while getting back to me too. Firstly they emailed me to ask for my individual module grades, then a few weeks later they called me and invited me to an assessment day in Feb, but it might be different depending on which scheme you are applying for.


anyone who applied for the Grad Finanace programme heard back yet??? anything?


Hi guys,

I applied for summer internship in Finance early November and I heard from them about a month ago telling me that my application was being taken to the next stage and being reviewed by business managers. About two weeks ago they asked me for my first year results, and a few days ago they called me and invited me to the assessment day on Feb 2nd in Derby.

Is anyone going to their assessment day on Feb 2nd as well?

I have never been to an assessment centre in my life, so can anyone who’s been to Rolls-Royce’s assessment day offer some advice? I know there will be a competency-based interview, a technical interview, a brief presentation about myself, a group exercise, a case study and an abstract test and a math test.

Does anybody know what questions will be asked at the interviews? To those who’ve been to the assessment day: What were your main challenges in the group exercise and case study? What were you asked in the 10-minute Q&A of the presentation about yourself?

Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi can anyone give me pointers as what to expect in the graduate leadership scheme case study?


What function have you applied for?

I went through the assessment center for Finance last year. The case study I had was actually quite simple and clear cut. It was only one-page long, and I had about 20-25 minutes to read it and write my answer.

My case study was about choosing 1 of 3 decisions about actions to be taken to solve major technical problems facing an automaker. The key was to identify all stakeholders and their interests, how their interests are affected and the possible consequences. I had to find a way to juggle between their interests, in which case I had to weigh up both short and long term consequences. For example, shareholders and management often look at the short-term profit because of dividends and bonuses, but you need to be able to find a way to convince them to look at the long term. This requires you to demonstrate your ability to think and explain reasonably the rationale behind your decision.

Another thing you can demonstrate is commercial awareness. I quoted the case of Toyota (at that time they were having the infamous problem with accelerators) in my case study, which I think the assessors really liked.

Also, this may sound really silly but make sure your handwriting is legible!

Hope that helps.


Hey Stevo thanks very much for your post,

I’ve applied for the Engineering function, you think that case study should be the same?

So you had 30 mins to read through the case study and was it another 30 mins to answer it in a type of essay format? Or did you have to write in brief notes and then go through your answers with the Assessors in a briefing style?

One more thing, were the decisions listed as 1,2,3 and you had to select one of them and then give your reasons for selecting that decision taking into account the different stakeholders that will be affected?



Hi guys
I have been invited for the Rolls Royce Assessment Centre next week for Project Management. Please would you mind sharing your AC experience.
Hope to hear from you soon.