Rolls Royce Graduate Intake 2016

Rolls Royce


Hi guys

I’m making this thread for all the people who are applying for the 2016 intake graduate programme at Rolls Royce. Feel free to share notes about the application process, interviews or assessment centres here…


Has anyone been asked to attend an AC yet?


Yes. I had mine in 1st week of Dec 2015.


They told me they was still considering my application.


Did you attend the AC?


Not yet, did their online tests in October / November and haven’t heard any more than they are still considering me.


Well done for getting to that stage! What stream is it for and have you heard back from them yet? I have mine on the 10th Feb - any advice would be much appreciated.


Congrats :slight_smile: I had mine for Engineering Development Programme. I cleared the AC but have been put under reserve category as there are no positions under my area of interest right now. Which stream did you apply for?

Try to be calm and confident. The AC is actually quite easy but please brush up your numerical skills as you will be tested again with questions similar to the ones you had completed during online assessment. Also learn about the company and its products and recent achievements. All the best.