Rolls Royce Assessment Interview

Rolls Royce



Has anyone been to Rolls Royce Assessment interview before? Can anyone advise or suggest what to expect?Greatly appreciated your feedback.


There’s a wiki profile on them here, [[Rolls Royce]]. Have a look at that and see how you find it. What made you decide on applying to them in particular?


Which scheme are you applying for?


Hi Redsuperted and Chrism2671,

Firstly, thanks for the replies. This position is opened in Singapore. I have always been interested working in an aerospace industry and when the chance came, I decided to give it a shot. I understand they have many graduate schemes like the Professional Excellence and the Leadership Development. But this opening is nothing of the above. It is more of an R&D field. I would be most grateful if anyone in the forum attended a similar one or can provide tips on what to expect. This is my first time doing an assessment interview. Thanks.


Unfortunately there are not too many Singapore users on this forum, yet, but good luck with your assessment day… let us know how it all goes for you. If we find any more info for you we’ll post it up.


Hi Redsuperted,

I called them recently after waiting for weeks regarding the assessment interview and it is going to be delayed… again. Previously it was supposed to take place a month ago. The HR is going to make official announcement within these few weeks on the next assessment date. I feel sad… I believe firms are more cautious about hiring in view of the uncertain economic conditions…


I believe you are right. Still, whatever the economic outlook, HR should really be putting you in the picture, rather than you having to call up to check whats going on. I hope things work out - keep us posted on whats happening.