Robert W. Baird & Company M&A First round


I have this interview tomorrow and Im not sure what to expect, HR said just be prepared to talk about my education, previous work experience and my interests.

The interview is with a very senior member of staff so I have my doubts as to whether or not he’ll be interested in how i spent my summers at Uni.

Anyone info at all would be a great help.



is it for the full-time role or the internship?


Full time, starts in July 2010.


ahh… goodluck mate, they are going to recruit maybe 1 or 2 people in London.

Very well regarded middle-market bank, especially in the US, quite new to europe. I am not sure about the interview process. Apparently, the first one is a tele, then face-to-face.


Hi Willymacd,

How was you interview?

I would much appreciate your insight on the process.
I also have an interview for full time, M&A, with with a senior person.