Robert Half agency are liars!

Robert Half
The HR Dept


I had a recruiter from RH post an ad that I responded to. It was for a local county job. I got the run around from the recruiter for 4 weeks about when interviews would be. Finally I reached out to the HR dept for the local county directly… they said they never heard of me, and they NEVER WORK WITH ROBERT HALF! WTF? This guy was lying to me? Why? I don’t trust these recruiters…


Hi, sorry to hear you have had this experience! I’m sure not all recruiters are the same, so hopefully you’ll have a better experience the next time. Good luck with your job search!


Of course there are legit recruiters but the profession is in dire need of reform by those that are legit. 98% of my Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc ads are not from firms but from recruiters, and a majority of these are duplicates or worse there IS NOT UNDERLYING JOB TO THE AD. They just want to build their mailing list.
I’m sure there are honest drug dealers too but the profession is judged by the majority and not the few. Unregulated industry and the result is loss of relevance.