Risk assurance and tax


Applying for internships in PWC, please anyone know the answer to this question.who is your ideal client


For an internship, you’re looking to learn and looking for experience.

My personal answer would be something like this:

I’m at the stage in my career when it’s all about learning and gaining experience. My ideal client would be one where I’m exposed to a broad number of business and management issues where I can get to appreciate the real working environment - whilst obviously still contributing effectively for the PWC team. My client would be open to me asking questions about how they do their accounting as well as how we do our audits, so that I can appreciate their viewpoints too. Basically, I’d love a client where I can get stuck in, and really add value but at the same time, one that allows me to see across the audit so I get a wider appreciation of how we as a company assist our clients.

Let us know how you get on.