Ride out the Reccession with an MSc?

CASS Business School
Finance and Accounting

Hi everyone
Since graduating in August 2008 with a strong 2:1 in Finance and Accounting I’ve had a few internship positions with some accounting firms and aside form also running the operations of my family’s company I’m finding it ever more difficult to secure some form of reasonable employment (obviously).
Thus I’ve decided to apply for an MSc programme on the basis of gaining a
• a comprehensive grasp of the principles and applications of finance
• technical and conceptual skills
• broad experience of quantitative techniques
• a focus on financial issues in all industry sectors
• gain professional exemption
• Derivative, Foreign Exchange and project management expertise

Hence I’ve been accepted to ICMA(Reading) for MSc Investment Management and MSc International Securities and Investment banking.
However I find the programmes at Cass Business School, MSc International Banking and Finance and Investment Management not only challenging but potentially more rewarding giving the status of the institution.
Has anyone got any experience or knowledge regarding the MSc programmes at Cass.
I have also applied to LSE and Imperial for their MSc Finance courses.

Many Thanks


Thanks for your post blueray,

My preference is to move into the financial markets, trading commodities, derivatives, stock options, managing portfolios have always been interesting, something reinforced by my academic studies. However I’m just contemplating which degree at Cass would focus on these areas but at the same time give me wider knowledge of gaining the financial and technical expertise needed to succeed within such an arena. Hence the decision between MSc International Banking and Finance vs MSc Investment Management.
Thanks again


How are you planning to fund your tution fees? as they appear to be enourmous


Hi Khaddi

The financial aspect of the course wont be a problem, im more concerned on choosing the right programme and overall institution


Oki if you look at the financial times ranking of masters course Cass school is ranked higher than Imperial so in that sense Cass would give you an better advantage but ofcourse you should go for the programme you want to study more than the institution I guess as I think that Imperial may be just be ranked slightly under the Cass business school (But have a look at the ranking)…


Cass even though part of City has a much better rep and iv heard of plenty of people who did their undergrad there getting fo ib offers, however if you get lse it would be a no brainer!

Also you do realise getting into a position as a derivatives trader without relevant internships or academic undergrad degree (acc+finance unless at lse isnt seen as being great) is going to be impossible in the next 3-5yrs, unless you have contacts or get v lucky.