Revoking an existing offer


I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation and someone out here must have/want some guidelines on how to go about this.

So basically, I was offered an internship in October but they sent it out the contract to me through the post in mid-Jan since I was away for Xmas. I signed it but have received an offer which I much rather take.

I know you’re meant to call and never email/write a letter to them but just a few questions :

  1. Would one be blacklisted for a year or so for revoking a contract? ( a bit harsh considering the fact that we haven’t even graduated yet) - but I do know some backs that do.

  2. When I do call them up early next week, should I mention the other offer in detail? (banks name, position)



Don’t mention any details about the other offer whatsoever – no name, position, nothing. Even if they ask you. Don’t do it.


Agree with irquas, dont mention any details.
And yes, I suppose you will be blacklisted…Had a similar situation a year ago.