Returning to the Jobs Market - Advice Needed



I used to be an IT Project Manager, but was never a good fit for the role, and left work last year to set up a new charity.

The charity is doing very well, but is not going to be in a position to pay me before our money runs out (in the next couple of months).

I need to be bringing in money by then, and am looking for contract roles, similar to the permanent one I used to do, but there is nothing that I am qualified for. They all demand either a technical specialism that I don’t have, or experience in a particular very specialist industry that I don’t have either.

I need to find an alternative way of making money, but without experience of much else, I am drawing a blank.

General leadership would be good, but I don’t have enough formal experience of this to be even close to being able to apply for any advertised leadership roles. Now I am looking for ANYTHING that can bring in reasonable money quickly. Given our financial situation at the moment, though, it does need to be a fairly healthy income.

Any ideas???