Retaking 2nd yr at Uni, advice needed please.


Due to extenuiating circumstances I’m going to have to retake the 2nd year of my degree in Accounting. I would like to know whether this will greatly damage my chances of getting into a big 4 firm in future? They will see when I do end up applying for a graduate scheme once I finish year 2 (again), that it is going to take me 4 years to complete a 3 year course.

I believe they have a box in their application process (referring to Pwc application portal) where you’re suppose to enter in any extenuiating circumstances. Will I have to enter exactly why I had to resit the year or just state that the University granted me extenuiating circumstances? Because if possible I would rather not state the exact reasons as it is of a personal medical nature.

My biggest concern is that by having to retake the year they’re going to ask me a lot of awkward questions at the interview that I will feel uncomfortable answering. I’m hoping that as long as my University states that I have been granted extenuiating circumstances to retake the year that this will be enough proof for them.

Does anyone know of any other people who have made it onto a big 4 grad scheme having retaken a year at University?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.