Retail bank to investment bank


hi guys, quich question. i am currently in my second year at uni, I was meant to be on a placement year starting from september, however i was unable to attain one, in which i have now decided to work full time in barclays retail bank for the year whilst trying to build up industry links and reapply for a summer internship next year. I have been given the oppurtunity to do gain 2 days of work experience in BARCAP at the end of the month by a guy i met whilst working for barclays. i just wanted to now if this is significant enough to put on my CV, and wanted to know if the position and choice i have made to work in barclays retail will benefit me in any way in terms of boosting my CV, and if anyone has any advice in terms of what further actions i could be doing in the position i am in right now.





This depends on what you will be doing in the retail bank and what u want to do in an investment bank…if their are transferable skills, then maybe…