Resigning from an internship- Is this guy a moron or did he really have an unfair expeience?


Folks, I have just read the following article on efinancial careers. I am just curious to see other peoples opinions on the events that took place during his/her internship. I still can’t quite understand why he left it to the first day of the internship to find accomodation. Maybe I’m just jelous of the fact that he had an internship in S&T with a BB and I don’t? Anyway here is the article and the link to it is posted below:

I worked as an intern for a top tier IB within Sales & Trading.

The previous team had been poached by another bank so the new team were all from a French bank.

The first problem I had, was that as an intern I was keen to learn, but how the hell was I suppose to do that when they always spoke in French with each other? It did my head in listening to them from 7am till 10pm at night.

On my first day, I set up an appointment with the estate agent to help me find accommodation to rent. But when I asked to leave at around 8pm the Associate said that if I wanted a job I would have to stay till late. Then the VP had a go at me for being to slow in finding my own accommodation. I was new to the whole term sheets structure of products etc. Instead of being told the basics, one of the Associates took me in to a room and had a go at me for not knowing how to write a term sheet. Isn’t the whole point of an internship to come in and learn?

But I eventually lost it when that associate laughed in my face when I asked her for help. I flagged all this up with HR, but they took a blind eye. Eventually, I got fed up and handed in my notice.

COMMENTS Nick, Private Equity / Venture Capital, Fri 27 Aug 10
Was this treatment particular to your desk or did fellow interns across the bank encounter a similar response?

It may have been a test - something that you should have embraced.

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BP, Quantitative Analytics, Fri 27 Aug 10
Poor you !! Next time when you apply make sure you mention you require supervision 24/7 and cannot use your own initiative.And, stop complaining, if you want to work with ‘nice’ people, work for a charity. Seriously, interns like you are a pain. Good riddance. Good luck to them :slight_smile:



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Those french bastards!


I wonder if that story is true or not; then again; I can imagine it happening. I am sure interns get treated pretty badly in a lot of places.

All I can say is, I’m glad I don’t work in that industry any more.


The story does sound bad, but these things may happen depending on what type of people occupy your desk. Problem with this intern is leaving accomondation so late it already creates poor impression for his desk people.

S&T is high pressure place, I was once chucked in for a board room type interview and grilled, even though I just wanted to find out about their desk and I was already a full-time S&T analyst for half a year. Sure I wasn’t exactly delighted by their treatment but you are in this industry where you have to be diplomatic, until you generate enough revenue.

Also just because they speak French doesn’t mean the intern can’t try and take initiative to ask or learn couple of french words to make that step to build a relationship. Remember expectations are very high in S&T. You are not expected to hear well done when you do well, but you are sure to expect to hear them say "you F*** etc etc* if you mess up.


I have a friend who works at nomura trading equities futures, 6 people on his desk including him - the other 5 all speak french constantly throughout the day amongst themselves. Its been almost a year now, he understands a fair bit now but this is quite common.


There is a fine line between adapting to the trading floor environment and finding the right desk. I would rather be caught dead than work on a desk with 5 french people where everyone speaks french, however if this was just an internship the guy should have sucked it up, put it on the CV and moved on.


I’m not surprised, half the guys at Nomura can barely speak English.


As hard as it sounds, I have a feeling the guy lost it a little too quickly. The environment is such that one has to learn to deal with pressure and I see what happened as a test.

Summer interns are supposed to stay late and 20:00 p.m. is super early. At least stay until midnight. That’s the norm.


Yes, not to mention the fact that the intern began looking for accomodation on the first day of his internship.