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Just found out today that I got through to the assessment centre, for the ‘Knowledge test’ for a Research Officer position. Other than the literature and practice test provided, can anyone suggest what else I should revise, or if there are any online practise tests I can take? Need all the help I can get!!!

Justine x


Hi, I applied for the same job and got through to the assement centre. I have received a practice test. I don’t know what to read for it tho either. Never properly applied for this before.


Hey, Have you guys had the test yet? I thought it was more tricky than the familiarisation test. Yourselves? Alex xx


Hey, Have you guys had the test yet? I thought it was more tricky than the familiarisation test. Yourselves? Alex xx


Hey, I have my test tomorrow and I was just wondering about what to wear! What kind of thing did people wear today?


According to the familarisation test the questions were mostly about the application of statistics and methods. Are the questions the same as that?


hey guys, anyone who took the test had their results yet or know if they have got an interview?


I just recieved an email inviting me for interview. Trying to find some info on the next stage…


Hey all - has anyone actually gone through the interview and how did they find it? I had mine on Tueaday and it was quite intense…does anyone know when the last day of interviewing is? I know it’s next week sometime. The wait for an answer is killing me…thanks


Got my interview on Tues. Feel like that may be the last day as it was the final date option (for me anyway). Did you bump into any other candidates at your interview? Trying to get an idea of how many people made it to this stage. Good luck :wink:


Good luck for Tuesday. Just be prepared to do lots of talking…I think they are interviewing around 4 people per day? So God only knows how many they are interviewing all together. They said hopefully they will let us know begining of November of the outcome.


Thanks! I think there are up to 17 positions so hopefully the odds are reasonable. And yes, hopefully we won’t be waiting too long to find out.


God, I totally screwed up that interview. I doubt that I will get it. Now, I feel like an idiot after finding out that it was for 1/17 positions. They interviewed 30 people, I am guessing.


Don’t worry @Priya.lall - it was probably the most intense interview I have had. Mainly because it was just go go go from the beginning. But we have to keep hope. They told me though that it’s 13 RO or SRO posts and 4 out of the 17 are being recruited differently. They must be the higher up positions I think. I just hope they tell us quick - the wait is excruciating!!


On the plus side, it was not as intense as my viva. However, the egg timer bleeping really added pressure. I should have asked the questions that you did. I suppose that I felt at the end of the interview that I really messed it up so lost hope. I did learn some important lessons for next time. I think that I looked less prepared than other interviewees. I should have printed out my application form. I thought that the people ferrying us to the interviews were really nice but they must have thought that I was such a novice


I know what u mean about the egg timer - I think they did that on purpose to be honest!! Ha ha ha. As for all the questions regarding the number of vacancies etc - I bombarded the poor guy that was ferrying us back and forth! Gosh…I didn’t dare ask the interview panel!! But yeah - it was an experience I suppose. And again, speaking to the guy about the whole process, he did say there were a lot of applicants, more than they had anticipated so we did well to even get to that stage really. So that’s always nice to know whatever the outcome. :slight_smile:


Just to confirm… I had my interview this afternoon and was the last candidate to be interviewed according to my escort. That presentation task was such a challenge. How did you guys find it? I did love my interview panel though, they all seemed like such nice, interesting people.


Yayyyyy!!! Now maybe we might hear something! I must admit - the first part was quite difficult for me too. I just felt like I was makin stuff up. 45 mins seems a lot of reading time but actualky theres a lot to digest and then to plan how to present it! It was a bit of a struggle. The interviewers were lovely though - so it didn’t seem sooo painful afterwards! Ha ha
Did they give you a better indication of when they will let us know the outcomes?
I am sure you did great yesterday :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: We’ll see. It’s so hard to tell how you’ve done as the panel are so nice and positive throughout. I didn’t ask about when we’ll hear as I had already heard from you it would be early Nov. I should have checked again really. I definitely panicked at first when I was handed the presentation documents but then managed to somehow produce something. I was a bit embarrassed having to hand in my pages of ridiculous scribbled notes I had made in a frenzy though. They looked like a toddler had taken a pen to paper.


ha ha ha!!! I know what you mean. I tried to do some spider diagrams to try and gather my thoughts and it all went out of the window once I was in there!! I suppose after that interview, I dont think anything else can be more intense. It was a good experience though I suppose??!! :expressionless:
Well good luck everyone - with any luck, I hope we get to meet if we get offered any positions!!