Rescinding job offer due to late start


Hi All,

I’ve gotten a job offer from Deloitte with start date in early September but due to visa complications I will most likely miss the first 2-4 weeks. I realise that they have a 6 week induction/training program going on at that time.

My question simply is, how likely are Deloitte to withdraw the job offer due to missed training/ starting late?

Please bear in mind that I’ve informed both the immigration and student recruitment team of my situation in writing in March, so they can’t claim ignorance. Should I just stay quite and sign the contract next week? or refuse to sign until I get assurance that I’ll be allowed to start late?

Any input would be very highly appreciated as I have no idea how the big 4 act in these circumstances.


I would suggest signing the contract. That will form a legal agreement between you and Deloitte and make it harder for them to recall your offer (That said, I believe somewhere in your offer would state it is subject to them being able to get you a visa, so in any case they will have the upper hand. Still, a contract is better than nothing).

Given the cost of recruiting you and arranging your visa, I doubt they will withdraw just because you are late a couple of weeks. Most people learn on the job anyway. Worst case I think they’ll delay your start date to the mid year intake. Although, my experience with my previous firm (Big 4 but not Deloitte) is that they will just get you into the class anyway and plough on.


Many thanks for your reply.

Yes, I think you’re right, it’s probably best to sign the contract since I’ve given them a fair and repeated warning about my visa situation. If nothing else, at least I don’t want to make rescinding my job offer too easy for them :smiley:

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words as well and sharing your experience with the other big 4 firm, I feel a whole lot better about the whole situation now. Hopefully, the HR will show some understanding. I don’t really mind missing the training that much, as long as I’m allowed to join the graduate scheme.


I am sympathetic to your situation but in honesty I would be surprised if you were allowed to start as normal as the induction is important. Are you doing a professional qualification as part of the graduate scheme? If so classes generally start at the beginning.

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Cheers for your reply. I’m in consulting so I don’t think there are any professional qualifications.
Yeah you are right, from my discussion with recruitment they seem to see their induction as an essential part of the graduate scheme and it says in the contract that I need to be available by the start date.

However, I have already explained my situation to HR few months ago in detail and they sent me the contract anyway (even though they didn’t say I can start late) so I just went on and signed it. If they wish I am sure they can fire me as missing the start date is a contract breach but there’s not much else I can do at this point.

There have been serious delays in issuing the certificate of sponsorship (CoS) from Deloitte for all international joiners so I think there will be a lot people missing their induction this year.