This may well be a stupid question but when firms quote entry requirements, 300 UCAS points for example, do they allow the inclusion of your AS level to make it up?

Say I had 280 A Level points but a B at AS Level in another subject, would that total 330?


From my understanding most firms ask for 280 points in one sitting. I’m from Scotland so most employers ask for the number of UCAS points acumulated during 5th year when most of us sit five Highers. In England I think they normally ask you for your best 3 A-levels from one year. If the employer’s website isn’t explicit about this, it might be worthwhile giving them a call to clarify.


Usually they say based upon your top 3 A-levels excluding general studies so 300 points would be BBB. These ucas points are a nightmare, I studied 3 A-levels and an AS level but one included General studies so there are certain jobs i cant apply for, grrrrr!! So silly when we have degrees