Repaying fees


Some people who have left training contracts have said that they have had to pay back any exam fees etc.

But on the ICAEW website it says [quote]REPAYMENT OF TRAINING FEES

Our lawyers have advised against including a clause in the standard training contract requesting the student to repay training fees if the contract is terminated. This type of clause may not be enforceable as a court of law could rule that it restricts the ability of the student to change their employment.[/quote]



That is a very good spot! I think its a very fair point too… having to pay back a large sum of money would restrict someone’s ability to change employment - especially a recent student who is struggling to pay back loans, overdrafts, etc.

However, I suppose most companies will continue to ask graduate scheme employees who leave early to pay back [[golden hello]]s and fees… and most employees probably will. But if an employee decided not to, then the hiring company might just back down.

Would love to get an employment lawyers opinion on this…


“then the hiring company might just back down.”

I have heard some people left Big4 and then didn’t bother paying it back and nothing happened - not sure how true the story is


I expect sometimes big companies just forget to ask for money back - people are busy and chasing up what is a relatively small amount of money in company terms is quite a bit of hassle.


I have heard that- but they took mine straight out of my pay cheque, and I am extremely bitter about it. £2000, [[PwC]].


Hi I am currently in the process of leaving RSM (formerly Baker Tilly). I have only been here 12 weeks and have decided to leave during my probation period as I sincerely dislike the work and exams etc. There is a clause in the training policy that says I have to pay back training costs up to a value of £4000. So if you leave 5 months after you’ve qualified (40 months in total) you only have to pay back £4000. Most people would assume these costs might accrue to the student evenly throughout the training contract, but I have been told I am liable for £2137 after just 12 weeks (and inside my probationary period) !! Only do accountancy if you are certain it is what you want to do otherwise you might have to pay back all the monies you worked for .