Relocating to london after graduate scheme


Hi, I’ve recently acquired an audit role with a big 4 firm up north. I would like to know what are my exit opportunities, I would like to move back to london which is my home and plus work in a big office and big clients and bigger pay check offcourse. How likely is that to be possible especially after becoming chartered. Many thanks


I’ll also be starting up north, which city will you be in?

Once you’re qualified, it should be easy enough to move if you really want to. However, I’d just like to point out that if you’re on, say, £35k in Hull, it could be difficult to jump to £50k in London. And bear in mind that if you have to pay rent, £35k in Hull leaves you about as much disposable income after rent and taxes as £50k in London. So even if you did jump to £50k, it’s not really a raise in real terms. As for big office and bigger clients, sure, you get more prestige. But big clients usually means long hours as well. Life quality in a smaller office is likely to actually be better.