Saffery Champness

I have been rejected from BDO, PwC and Saffery Champness now.

Im finding it hard to fill in more applications now as it seems pointless!

How many people got more rejections than offers? :frowning:


Hey don’t be discouraged. Heck i got rejected by KPMG and Deloitte and am still waiting on EnY. Ii was numb for a few minutes after getting the rejection email.

I know how you feel. Filling out these application forms can be very time-consuming and you feel you deserve to get through.

My approach is this: These firms basically ask the same set of questions, i.e “Why us?”, “Why this career path”, “What is it about teamwork you like”, blah blah blah! I go back over my answers to the application questions and try and refine them for the next application form i fill. Plus it helps me to know more about myself and why i really want to pursue audit or tax or whatever. This makes my answers more convincing and authentic, not just the generic stuff most people put down.

Don’t worry, keep applying and i am sure someone will bite. :slight_smile:


Over 100 WELL THOUGHT OUT applications over two years. countless interviews. a good number of final rounds. one offer for an unpaid internship at a company youve never heard of :stuck_out_tongue: . FML.


I would just fill in more and make sure your application isn’t a template (i.e. same application to all the firms). Tailor it to the firm, and just keep going!

I got rejected by GT but had offers from 2 of the big 4… So it’s a matter of whether you show that you fit into the company’s profile!


I feel like I’ve been rejected by KPMG but not 100% sure yet.
Was told it would take 72hrs after my partner interview but 3 days on I got an email saying ‘they are busy and will get back to me as soon as they hear any news’…I’m taking that as rejection since I would presume if the partner wanted to hire me he would have said something by now.
Gutting but I have EY and Deloitte partner interviews coming up next week so it’s motivated me even more for those two!
Horrible feeling though especially as you know you put in 100% and everything seemed to go so well. Ah c’est la vie gotta learn, get stronger, move on.


brachioz, sorry to hear about those rejections…just keep applying to more places, iv found that my applications have only got better with practice!

out of interest how long was it for saffery champness to let you know you had been rejected? I applied over two weeks ago and have not heard anything and am assuming the worst!


Don’t give up. I was in the same situation in my final year of uni. I now work for PWC.

I would suggest getting feedback from the companies. I would then re group and submit applications in small batches (aka 2-3 at a time).

Alot of firms let you reapply as little as 6 months after your last submission. So hang in there it will happen.


Jobhunter23 - I made it to the final stages but they said they weren’t looking for an AAT trainee as they hadn’t taken one on before in the regional office.

Don’t worry. I applied in September and my final interview was in december. Just wait to hear back and Im sure they’ll let you know as soon as possible. Good luck! THey are a very friendly firm!


Wish can meet people who got rejected and work our interview so that we all can the job together. ~sigh~


i’ve just received offers from kpmg, pwc and GT. it took 6 months of applications and rejections on a daily basis, was about to give up but hung in there and got th reward



Hang on in there! Im now starting with E&Y in Audit next year after being rejected by Mazars, BDO and PKF.
Two key points I found were

  1. How I would be a good accountant (meeting the job description)
  2. How I would be a GREAT accountant (Why you over everyone else)
    Many concentrate too much on number 2. Its all well and good being the greatest leader who has ever lived but if you cant do the basic job of analysis, have a reasonable head for figures and posess good people skill (point 1) your as useful as a chocolate teapot to them.

Good luck


Oh and if you cant get on a grad scheme go for internships. Loads of accountancy places get taken up by interns, this year at E&Y Loandon audit, the whole scheme was filled up by interns.