Rejection Blacklist



I have heard a rumour going around the university that if you get rejected from certain IB firms once, you ll never get another chance to apply.

Does anyone know is this true?




Never heard of this before.

But it could depend on the nature of your rejection. e.g. lying on your app etc could get you put on some sort of internal blacklist.


Yeah id imagine they would nt be too happy about lying on your application.

I was more referring to the idea that considering that the industry is so competitive, maybe its kinda one shot and thats it.


I think that can’t be true.

I applied for internships last year to the bulge bracket firm and got rejected but have got interviews lined up with some of them this year.


based on my personal experience, I got rejected once, and applied a year later and got through to the final rounds. (barclays capital)

why i think they should be open to doing that? one year can mean a great deal of improvement for a candidate if they are clocking experience at the right places.

my 2 cents.


No. Not at all. I know one of my friend got rejected last year but got gob this year.


sounds pretty naive of u to believe that