Rejection after telephone interview with PwC


I took a telephone interview with PwC tester and got a rejection email just now. It was for a first-year women leadership program in assurance.
Frankly, I’m feeling a bit down here. This was my second interview and I prepared it for two whole weeks. (Since I didn’t actually prepare for my first one and it crashed and burned.:frowning: )
I actually prepared for every question they had to offer. But I’m not sure whether it’s the limited time and my English, I somehow wrote down all the answers for the questions during my prep. And during the interview, I was panic and just read off the scripts. Though I didn’t read them real fast, I guess they could tell from the other side of the phone. And I didn’t have a good example for every question. For example, the integrity ones, i seriously couldn’t think of any and I just talked about my friend asking me to hand out my assignment.
I’m considering applying for the summer programme for the Bank of America, now I’m a bit concerned about what I should do next. Before the interview I thought I could nail it but this is really out of my expectation.
To be honest I don’t have much extra curricular activity experience in uni but I have worked for HSBC and the bank of china before (although for some trivial jobs). And I’m so worried that I couldn’t find a decent internship next year if I didn’t get any work experience in the upcoming summer.
Could anyone give me some advice please? I really appreciate any suggestion.


I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get through your interview. I think you need to feel confident that you have plenty of evidence in each of the competency areas. I offer interview skills training if you want to contact me: