Rejected ?


i was applying for SPA Associate. the last interview with two managers of SPA was a week ago. they told me I will be hearing from them at most two weeks. now, one week later i recieved email below. Is this mean that i rejected in polite way ? or do i still have some hope ?
I see there’s an opening for junior consultant in forensic in Technology Solutions yesterday, can i re-apply for that position ?


I think you’ve been rejected.


so it’s the polite way. should i reapply for other position or wait that 6 months ?


wait 6 months


PwC don’t need to be polite. If they were rejecting you, they’d just say so. They’re probably unsure which way to jump regarding graduate recruiting right now (economic climate, etc) and so have actually decided to put recruitment on hold. You could try waiting, but obviously after 6 months of doing so, they might just decide not to recruit you.

I’d give them a call. Talk this through, and see if in light of this letter from them, they would let you transfer your application to the other role you are interested in.

Good luck and keep us posted on what happens…


thank you. that’s really encouraging…but i forgot the most important part to tell you guys. I didn’t have the discussion group part ! what happened ? it was written test, then jump to user interview the following week. and the interview was mainly about what i’ve done. my activities, my projects, my current work (yes i’m currently employed as java programmer). no question about audit, industry awareness, why pwc not another big 4 thing.


Do you mean the [[assessment centre]]? This usually comes after the first round interview.


yes, the assessment centre. but there’s no first round interview. after applying, i was invited for assessment centre, then the following day after assessment centre i got called for interview. that interview. then after one week, the email came.


The letter is the standard rejection letter (they’re always like that… polite and impersonal and most times they don’t give a clue of what you need to improve). If there is other position, I guess that you could try to apply, but many companies ask you to wait for six months or one year before re-appying. I believe that if the system allows you to reapply, then, you can do it.

Sometimes the letter is sent by mistake, so you might be lucky after all. However, I don’t advice you to keep much hope.


ok. will do. but i did called and they say the position already filled in. so it’s a matter of competition i guess. and when i asked if i can reapply for different position, the recruitment team told me to call back at the afternoon. later this day i called back and they said my application has been forwarded to the user owning the other vacancy. but of course might need to do another technical test. and there’s no guarantee about when can i hear from them again. but i agree with you said not to keep much hope.


If I was you, I would not even bother working for them due to the treatment you have received so far. If they are not open and straight with you, the chances are, you are not going to last there longer. Unfortunately, that is the attutude and culture that exists within the “big 4” circle.


Hi Bagus!

I was interviewed by a partner two weeks ago for SPA. Supposedly, I should wait up to two weeks for a final decision…but nothing heard. Thanks for posting the letter.


altreisub, if you didn’t get email like i did. i think you still being considered.


BTW…last year I was rejected by KPMG and EY only because they have an engagement with my current employer.


it is because that is the requirement of audit independence.
but don’t see why kpmg and ey are your employer’s auditor at the same time.


EY in financial audits. KPMG in consulting. SOX 404 and local laws does not permits EY doing the financial audit and at the same time.