rejected by deloitte..argh!


I can’t believe I got rejected by deloitte. They didn’t even invite me to sit for their numeracy/reasoning test. And it’s not as if I’m a hopeless candidate. I have assessment centres with KPMG and EY coming up in 2 weeks. I know, I know, I should be concentrating on them, but still… it rankles. Just need to get this rant off my chest.


“Rankles” … not heard that before!!


rankle is just another verb, like misle :slight_smile:


KPMG failed me in their online tests.

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DO tell me what happened in EY assessment centre


Or perhaps you could post it up in the forums instead? After all - that is the point of WikiJob!!!


I’m in the same boat, don’t let it get you down! I have an interview with KPMG coming up, but Deloitte didn’t even invite me to take the online tests. Considering the applications are almost identical (don’t worry, I didn’t copy and paste), it did seem strange!


mmm i think its become alot more competitive this year!

Last yr i was doing big6 apps and getting interviews w/o much effort on app forms, if you met minimum requirements you generally got invited to online tests! Maybe relook at the responses you are giving to “why deloitte, why audit” etc, their app forms arent anywhere near as long as banks/general management schemes.


Can anyone tell me what kind of question are asked in First Interview of Ernst & Young???


They replied to me with an offer to sit the test in less than 24h. I’ve done several application so far, and none of them were identical. Although the questions are similar, I started from scratch with every single one of them, and in every question I tried to include I knew a) what made them different b) what competencies they want to see.

If you did your application like that, it might simply be the case that you’ve got a good case on paper, but they happen to take less people this year, so they’ll be able to pick the people who:

  • Have well over 300/320 UCAS points
  • Speak 2-3 languages
  • Have got very good work experience
  • Have done a maths A-Level or have got a degree with a high mathematical content
  • Pick the best universities

Who knows. All I know is whenever I get through, I’m grateful, as they have the luxury to pick only the best this year.

Good luck and congratulations and good luck on the assessment centers! You’re nearly there at that stage!


All I meant was that they ask the same questions: Why your service line, why that firm and what you think you’ll be doing.
Like I said, I didn’t copy and paste, meaning I wrote different answers, but I would have thought that they would be looking for SIMILAR qualities. Besides, I did the Deloitte one first so it wasn’t even influenced by any other applications I had made :stuck_out_tongue:
You are probably right through WRT the other requirements, although in my own (humble) opinion the only one I lack in is the multiple languages. Clearly though there was something wrong with my app, maybe I should have used the Wikijob application checking service!! :slight_smile:


Last yr I had a EY interview for Corporate Tax Graduate scheme and i found the interviewer most friendly out of all big 4, however there were some tricky q’s. From what i can remember they asked “about a time i had conflict with someone over an opinion and i had to change my outlook as i was influenced by them” also “time your used your intiative” “issues facing EY/accountancy” then a few other standard ones. Key is to have examples and twist them according to the q, I generally use my teamworking example for leadership if both competencies arent asked, as in my team i was the leader!


Like AF87, I did my deloitte application first, and spent the most time on it as well. In fact, I use that application as sort of a template for my other applications. And I believe (most humbly :slight_smile: ) that I have all 5 requirements. So imagine my shock when I received a rejection less than 24 hours later, and on a Sunday night too!


It could have been a mistake you know… especially if you were sent an computerised message on a Sunday. That might indicate a computer system error. I’d give them a call. At the very least, you’ll be able to find out why you were rejected!


^ Good point! I’d be a bit peeved too. I’m just trying to figure out why you guys didn’t. Maybe it was something really trivial like only one grammar or spelling mistake, or a repetition when answering the questions. When I think back to my application (for consulting), I don’t really know what I wrote down then that made the difference. All I can think of is immaculate grammar and spelling, having worked for a start up, and being bilingual??? Who knows. I didn’t even get a first - missed it by 1%. Maybe it’s worth checking, or at least take your application to a career service and ask them what it would be??

How odd.


I was sent an email from KPMG in error on Friday saying I’d been rejected when I actually hadn’t - so its a definite possibility.