Rejected after Clearing the test? - IBM Graduate Business Consulting


Ok so this is weird.

I was invited to give the test by IBM for their Business Consulting program. As per their website this occurs after the screening of candidates.
I gave the test and got a reply from them stating that I had met or exceeded expectations.

About a week later I get an email from them saying that my application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.
What I found weird was that even the website mentions that if you clear the IPAT then you are invited to a selection day. And being rejected at an interim stage which is not part of the process does seem weird to say the least. It was quite disheartening, and I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?


  1. They check you meet the minimum educational requirements (look at your form and look for 2:1 or above) and that your ‘cv’ is in the requested format.
  2. You take the IPAT,
  3. They then read your ‘cv’ and application form.
  4. You get invited to the assessment centre.

You got rejected on step 3, the step I’m awaiting a response for now :confused:


Hmmm… well from their mail ti would appear so , but the website clearly mentions that those that hae the required marks in the ipat are called for the selection day. So this interim stage ( or step 3 above) is confusing me.
I was just wondering if someone else too has had the same problem


We are pleased to inform you that you have met the minimum criteria required for the IBM Graduate Programme.

The next stage of our selection process is an online aptitude test called the IBM Information Processing Aptitude Test (IPAT/CAT). You will shortly receive an email with further details and instructions on how to access the test. If you require reasonable adjustments to be made e.g. additional time, please log on to complete the test and click through the early screens and you will find an opportunity to request this prior to commencing the test.

If you successfully pass the online test, we shall review your CV and application form in more detail to assess your suitability for the IBM Graduate Programme.

^^^ this was the exact email I got about a day after I applied. Sorry if this isn’t much help.


I was wondering how long after completing the test did you receive notification?


Exactly a week…


That seems awfully weird, kinda like a computer automatically rejected you, I suspect I could end up in the same boat due to my lack of extra curricular activity.


Hello all, I have applied to the Finance placement scheme at IBM and I’ve passed my tests, I was wondering as to how long do they take to review and get back to you with your CV? Thanks