Registering / sel-studying with an accounting body


Hi All,

Having graduated in 2008 and in the midst of the credit crisis and recruitment freeze, I found myself working in working the retail industry as a Merchandiser for a leading high street retiler. Although I have enjoyed my experience I have found it to be totaly unchallenging and rewarding as a career.

I now really want to pursue my initial carreer choice of working in the finance/accouniting industry and qualifying in either CIMA or the ACA. I intend to apply to graduate schemes however as a back up plan I thought it might be worth registering with CIMA and start to self study at least the Certificate level exams. Here is where it think I have a problem; I have read that potential employers do not like recruiting registered/part qauliffied candidates into their graduate schemes!! Is this true?? I would have thought that this would at least show initiative by the candidate.

Really appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this.

Many thanks.


These forums are helpful for sharing experiences at interviews etc but for your type of query, really, the simple answer is to speak to the firms you are thinking of applying to. Try to speak to someone at say, HR manager level and /or a professionally qualified (accountancy) manager who is involved with recruitment and who knows the firm’s recruitment policies.


Just don’t tell them you’re registered…


Not a good idea. What’s wrong with telling the truth?


Some of them don’t like it

i.e. KPMG used to say if you have done exams don’t apply for grad schemes not sure now though

But for most of them it will be fine