Regional PwC vs London Grant Thornton summer internship

Grant Thornton



I’ve got two offers for a summer internship in Public Sector Audit - Grant Thornton in London and PwC in a regional office. I’m really stuck on choosing between them! I definitely felt like I would fit in better at GT, but the chance to put a Big 4 company on my CV would (I think) help me more in the future. Although I don’t know at all what I want to do in the future. Any thoughts?

I was also wondering about doing both internships in the same summer? They are six weeks each and I think I can choose the date for GT to fit in before PwC, so I think it’s theoretically possible, but I don’t know if that would be frowned upon if they found out?



it does"t matter even they found out, Personally I would choose PwC.

I know PwC Summer internship offers in several period. June- Aug or July- Sep

so If I were you I would go to do both internship, so that you will find out which one you really like at the end of the internship